Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Had I written a post about the products that I want to try a few months before I had made my to-try post, Cure Natural Aqua Gel will definitely made the cut. I've been eyeing this product for so long! Am I happy with my purchase? Keep reading to find out.

As mentioned above, I've been wanting to try this product for years. I do remember visiting Beauty Bar with a friend and saw this on the stand. If I'm not mistaken, Cure was just being introduced then. My friend bought one immediately and she loved it! We were given samples of the product too, and though  I can no longer remember my initial reaction, all I know is that I won't crave for this if I'm less than impressed. Fast forward to the present time, I finally have it and I'm so glad I did! By the way, I bought this for PHP 1500, approximately around USD 31.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a water-based exfoliator that's gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. It has no artificial coloring, fragrance or preservatives. And it's said to be Japan's number 1 exfoliator in the market!

Anyhow, I wasn't able to try this out immediately upon purchase because I just had a Diamond Peel. I had to wait for two weeks and quite honestly, the two-week wait was not enough. I waited another two weeks again before my second trial. This time I was confident that I can finally see what this product was capable of! And I was right. After the month-long wait, I finally saw it's exfoliating prowess, and it's amazing. It's very gentle on the skin and I didn't have breakouts. Also, I love the fact that I can use this product to exfoliate other parts of my body - I've used this on my underarms, knees and elbows. So far so good.  One bottle has 250ml worth of product, and usage depends on the body part you're exfoliating. For the face, 2-3 pumps is enough to cover the entire area. 

I'm still figuring out how will I include this  on my routine, because I have Diamond Peel sessions once a month. And when I had my face done, I need to wait before I can use this. I'm just not comfortable with weekly exfoliation because of my Diamond Peel sessions, but that's just me.

Repurchasing is still far of my mind because I still have a long way to go before I reach half of the bottle. It's quite pricey and I'm pretty stingy. Also, I've read that there's a Korean product that's a good dupe and it costs a fraction of Cure. I'm all about saving, most of the time, so yeah.

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