elf Brush Shampoo & elf Daily Brush Cleaner

This is a long overdue post but since I still got the draft of my review and the photos to make a *cough* decent *cough* blog post, then why the hell not?

I'm a fan of elf cosmetics because of the really affordable price. It's my go-to brand in my yesteryear when I was still experimenting on makeup. Though I gotta admit, their products are either a hit or a miss. But with the price, you can hardly think that you've been ripped off.

Anyway, I bought the elf Brush Shampoo and elf Daily Brush Cleaner together with my first set of brushes.

The elf Brush Shampoo is an unscented and somewhat-thick in viscosity type of brush shampoo. Do I like it? It's okay. Does it make my brushes clean? I think so. But I don't find joy in washing my brushes with it.  And that's the most honest answer that I can give. After finishing the bottle, I've decided to DIY my way in brush cleaning, and baby shampoo is the alternative that I've found. I've been a convert since then.

On the other hand, I was pretty hooked with the elf Daily Brush Cleaner. This used to be part of my daily routine. I do this religiously until I rant out of it. The smell is either a hit or a miss, and luckily in my case, it's a definite hit. I cannot put my finger on the kind of scent it has, but it sort of made me feel like my brushes were indeed clean. But I did not repurchase because I decided to make a DIY daily brush cleaner. I still miss this product at times, but my DIY is cheaper and it does the job as well.

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