DIY Brush Cleaner Trio

I used to be not so keen with DIYs because I'm such a lazy person. But after knowing the real value of money, I'm all about DIYs and saving. The more I save, the better. However, I still choose which products are worth the sweat and which ones are worth the buck. In this instance, these projects are worth the effort - it's very minimal though, and you won't even break a sweat.

By the way, I don't have "artsy hands" so how my projects ended up are rather not the eye-candy type so I'd rather not show them. I'll be posting links instead in case you wanted to make one for yourself. Oh, and by the way, expect my long ramblings.

When I bought my first set of brushes years ago, I also bought brush shampoo and a daily brush cleanser. They're not expensive, to be honest, but they're not readily available on the drugstore. I have to purchase them on an online reseller, and it takes weeks before it arrives. Well, I can't wait that long before I clean my brushes... so I took it to my own hands and look for alternatives.

Not really a DIY, but more of an alternative. I found out that you can use Baby Shampoo to clean brushes. So on one trip to the supermarket, I bought one and immediately tried when I arrived home. And it works! Since then, I've been using baby shampoo to clean my brushes. I don't own makeup sponges, but I read that you can use liquid dishwashing soaps as alternative.

Washing brushes can be a chore. In as much as love my squeaky clean makeup brushes, I really hate doing the washing, but that's just me. I discovered the Sigma Brush Mat but it comes with a hefty price of $25. I don't think I can drop that amount for a brush mat, good thing there are tons of tutorials on how to make a DIY Brush Cleaning Mat. And yes, I just made one today. It's not that pretty but it works. Cleaning my brushes is definitely a lot easier now thanks to that.

I was addicted to the elf Daily Brush Cleanser back in the day. I love how it sanitizes my makeup brushes. Same with the brush shampoo, this is not available locally. Plus, I hate how it easily runs out. I think for every brush shampoo, I use 2-3 bottles of this. Good thing I discovered how to make a DIY Daily Brush Cleanser. It's very easy to make and it's really, really, really cheap as well! I also need not to worry about my daily brush cleanser running out, because the materials needed to make one are readily available at home.


Use baby shampoo as alternative to clean your brushes. Use liquid dish washing soap for your makeup sponges. And for the DIYs, links can be found below.

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