Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Stockpile

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Stockpile
Imagine getting your hands on this beautiful lipstick vault from Urban Decay this Christmas. Yasss, I know! I love hoarding collecting lipsticks and this beautiful Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Stockpile is such a dream. It comes with a whooping price tag of $325. I know it's pricey, but for $325, you'll be getting 30 lipstick shades ranging from Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer.

The UD Vice Lipstick Stockpile is a limited edition lipstick vault. Order yours at Nordstorm, Ulta or Macy's.

I'm so in love with those plum and dark red shades. Seismic, F-Bomb, Gash, Rock Steady and Disturbed are so totally my style! What about you?

By the way, if you want a justified reason why you should indulge. The price tag maybe hefty because it's a whooping $325, but you'll be getting 30 lipsticks for such price. Divide that heavy price tag and you'll only be paying $10.84 for each lipstick! And that's like... ugh... the price of a drugstore lipstick or probably less.

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