Wishlist #1

Most of you are probably bundling up for the cold weather... but I live in a tropical country so I can wear t-shirts and Shorts all-year-round. We experience the cold weather too, usually around December until February... or if we're lucky, until early March. I love the cold weather! Because that's one of those rare occassions that I can wear warm and beautiful clothing.

Earlier I was browsing Rosegal and I'm planning to buy a couple of stuff. I'm running on a tight budget so in as much as I want to buy everything, I cannot. I've narrowed down my choices to the ones above. Help me choose, please?

Anyway, in case you're also planning to buy something from Rosagal, you can use this coupon to get 8% off: JoeyCgil.

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  1. We love the whislist!! We also like cold weather!!